Controlling Vehicles & Pedestrians With Gates 

Cova Security Gates specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality security gates, road blockers, barriers and bollards to control and manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians. Our products are created with safety and security in mind, helping to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, terrorism, and other criminal activity.  
With a focus on quality craftsmanship and dependable performance, we have become a trusted provider of perimeter security solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you need to protect a government building, private property, or manage traffic in a busy urban area, Cova Security Gates has the expertise and experience to deliver customised solutions that meet your unique needs. 

Some of our vehicle and pedestrian control solutions... 

A vehicle and pedestrian gate solution for a gated community. 
A manual swing barrier protecting an airport. 
A boom barrier and bi-folding gate protecting commercial property. 

Crime Statistics 

Valuable insights of crime statistics across England and Wales in 2021-22: 



Police recorded home burglaries across England and Wales in 2021/22. 


Fly Tipping 

In 2021-22, there were 1.09 million cases of fly-tipping dealt with by local authorities in England. Highways, including pavements and roads, were the most frequent location for fly-tipping, accounting for 43% of all incidents. 


Vehicle Theft 

According to the AA, thieves are still using 'smash and grab' techniques to target older cars. However, modern cars are more frequently stolen by experienced criminal gangs who use keyless technology to steal cars parked on their owners' driveways. 


Criminal Damage & Arson 

Number of police recorded criminal damage and arson offences in England and Wales from 2021/22. 

Why Security Gates? 

Controlling vehicles and pedestrians with security gates can provide several benefits related to safety and security: 

Improved Safety 

Security gates can help to prevent accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians by ensuring that only authorised personnel and vehicles are allowed in certain areas. By controlling access to specific areas, security gates can also help to reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity. 

Better Traffic Management 

Security gates can be used to regulate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians, helping to prevent congestion and ensure that traffic moves smoothly through an area. This can be especially useful in busy urban areas or locations where large numbers of people and vehicles need to be managed. 

Increased Privacy 

Security gates can provide an added layer of privacy for buildings, communities, or other areas that require restricted access. By controlling who is allowed in and out of a particular area, security gates can help to maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive information. 

Enhanced Security 

Security gates can be used to prevent unauthorised access to secure areas, such as government buildings, military bases, or industrial sites. By controlling access to these areas, security gates can help to protect against theft, espionage, or other security threats. 
We provide premium security gate solutions for a range of different clients. Whether you're a luxury domestic customer, a commercial business, or require high-level security, we have a product that will meet your specific needs.  
Our range of products include bi-folding gates, sliding gates, swing gates, road blockers, barriers and bollards. Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, with durable materials and the latest technology to ensure maximum protection against unauthorised access. Whether you need a stylish and secure entrance for your home or a robust security solution for a commercial or industrial site, Cova Security Gates has a solution that will meet your requirements. 

Types of Vehicle & Pedestrian Control Products 

Bi-Folding Gate 

A bi-folding gate is constructed of two hinged gate leaves attached to a post that fold inward during its open operation and outward during its closing operation. 
Bi-folding gates are suitable for any application whether it be a driveway or high security building because of their design characteristics. 
The design lends itself to be installed anywhere with restricted space in contrast to a sliding gate where run back is required. Furthermore, as the gate leaves fold during operation, bi-folding gates are inherit faster than swing gates. 

Sliding Gate 

A sliding gate is made up of a gate leaf that moves horizontally to open or close the entrance, controlling vehicular access. 
Sliding gates can be made of various materials, such as metal and timber and can be operated manually or automatically using an electric motor. 
Sliding gates are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications to provide security and privacy, and to control access to a property or building. 

Pedestrian Swing Gate 

Pedestrian gates are designed for people to pass through on foot. Usually smaller than a vehicle gate, pedestrian gates can be operated manually, such as by pushing or pulling, or automatically, using an actuator.  
Pedestrian gates are often used in conjunction with vehicle gates to provide access control to a property or building and can be equipped with various security features, such as locks, keypad access or intercom systems. Pedestrian gates are commonly found in residential, commercial, and industrial settings and can provide added security and convenience for people entering and exiting a property. 
Ideal for controlling access in environments such as police stations, public buildings, defence establishments and even less threatening industries such as reception areas, health clubs, theme parks and stadiums 


A turnstile is a mechanical gate that allows only one person at a time to pass through it. It comprises of a rotating vertical arm or barrier that blocks the entrance to a secure area, such as a sports stadium, amusement park, or subway station. 
Turnstiles are typically used to control the flow of foot traffic and prevent unauthorised access to a specific area. They can be operated manually or electronically, and may require the use of a ticket, pass, or access card to open. 
Turnstiles can be designed to operate in one or both directions, and some models can be configured to count the number of people passing through. They are often used in conjunction with other security measures, such as CCTV cameras and security guards, to enhance safety and security. 

Rising & Static Bollard 

A bollard is a short vertical post or pillar that is typically made of steel or concrete and is used to control or restrict vehicle access to a specific area. Bollards can be fixed or removable. 
Bollards are often installed in public areas such as sidewalks, pedestrianised zones, car parks, and building entrances to prevent vehicle ramming attacks, control traffic flow, and enhance safety. 
They can also be used to protect buildings, infrastructure, and other high-value assets from accidental or intentional damage caused by vehicles. In some cases, bollards can be equipped with lighting, signage, or other features to provide additional functionality. 

Road Blocker 

A road blocker is designed to block vehicles from entering or leaving a restricted area. It is commonly used in high-security locations, such as government buildings, military bases, or airports, to control traffic and prevent unauthorised access. 
Typically, road blockers consist of a heavy metal plate that is raised or lowered by a hydraulic or electric actuator piston. When raised, the plate forms a solid barrier that prevents vehicles from passing through. Additional security features, such as alarms or cameras, may be integrated with road blockers to detect and deter attempts to breach the barrier. 
The purpose of a road blocker is to provide a high level of security and control access to a restricted area. By physically blocking the road, it can prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering or leaving the area and maintain the safety and security of the premises. 

Swing Gate 

A swing gate is a type of gate that operates by swinging open and closed, similar to a door. It typically consists of a single gate panel that is hinged on one side and swings outward or inward to allow or restrict access. 
Popular within the domestic market, swing gates are typically a low cost solution to protecting your property. 
At Cova, we often utilise manual swing gates to protect private land, national infrastructure and public spaces. 
Swing gate barriers can be utilised as permanent and or temporary physical security solution. 

Boom Barrier 

A boom barrier is a type of gate that utilises a rising horizontal bar, or boom, to block or allow access to a specific area. Boom barriers are commonly used in parking lots, toll booths, and industrial premises to regulate traffic flow and control access. 
Boom barriers can be operated manually or automatically using an electric motor, and can be integrated with access control systems such as keypads, card readers, or intercoms to enhance security. 
Boom barriers are often preferred over conventional swing gates in situations where there's limited space or where a gate swinging in or out may pose a risk to pedestrians or vehicles. 

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Our Standard Security Range Offering 

Bi-Folding Gates 
CSG 10405 Protects areas from unauthorised vehicle entrance

CSG 10607 Folding gates for underground car parks  

Sliding Cantilevered Gates, Boom Barriers, Manual Swing Gates & Pedestrian Gates 
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