IWA 14-1

What is IWA 14-1? 

If you have read our online guide to PAS 68, you may be wondering about IWA 14-1… 
IWA 14-1 is a technical specification developed by the International Workshop Agreement (IWA) 14-1:2013. It is a set of guidelines and testing procedures that define the impact performance requirements for Vehicle Security Barriers (VSB). VSB are designed to mitigate the severity of hostile vehicle attacks such as ramming or forced entry using vehicles. Within the perimeter security industry, we refer to this as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM). 
Like PAS 68, IWA 14-1 specifies the criteria for assessing the impact resistance, penetration capabilities, test methods and performance classifications of HVM VSB products such as security gates, road blockers, bollards, and barriers. The IWA 14-1 standard is commonly used by security professionals, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies to evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of Vehicle Security Barriers. In 2014, IWA 14-1 was introduced with the aim of establishing international standardisation within the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) industry. Its release sought to unify the various standards that were being followed by different organisations worldwide. 
In contrast to the typical committee system utilised by ISO, the development of the IWA 14 standard took a different approach. It was created through an open workshop environment, which enabled key industry stakeholders to engage in negotiations and actively shape the IWA standard. 
IWA 14-1 was established through the following steps: 


Make the proposal 


Obtain ISO/TMB approval 


Details of the workshop circulated by ISO/CS 


Hold the workshop and agree the document 


Publish IWA 14-1 
Videos from Cova Security Gates' IWA 14-1 Crash Testing from over the years. 

Understanding IWA 14-1 Ratings 

Quite often when reviewing IWA 14-1 ratings, you see a string of numbers, letters and symbols but what do they mean? 

Test Method 

The first character represents the test method, which is commonly denoted by 'V,' which signifies that the product has been tested using a real vehicle. Unlike PAS 68, simulated testing by design and pendulum for testing are not applicable for IWA 14-1. 

Vehicle Type 

Moving on, we consider the vehicle's mass and type. The mass is measured in kilograms, the designation "(M1)" indicates the vehicle category. 
Below is a comprehensive breakdown of various vehicle types: 
1,500 kg  M1 IWA 14-1
1,500 kg 
7,200 kg  N2A IWA 14-1
7,200 kg 
12,000 kg  N3D IWA 14-1
12,000 kg 
2,500 kg N1G IWA 14-1
2,500 kg 
7,500 kg  N2B IWA 14-1
7,200 kg 
24,000 kg  N3E IWA 14-1
24,000 kg 
3,500 kg  N1 IWA 14-1
3,500 kg 
72500 kg  N3C IWA 14-1
7,200 kg 
30,000 kg  N3F IWA 14-1
30,000 kg 

Test Speed 

Following vehicle mass type, we consider the test speed, which is measured in kilometres per hour (kph). Referring to our example rating, the vehicle was tested at a speed of 48kph. 
Below is a table of test speeds: 
16 kmh 
(10 mph) 
32 kmh 
(20 mph) 
48 kmh 
(30 mph) 
64 kmh 
(40 mph) 
80 kmh 
(50 mph) 
96 kmh 
(60 mph) 
112 kmh 
(70 mph) 
Please note that the most common test speed are from 48 kmh to 80 kmh. 

Impact Angle 

The subsequent section provides the test's impact angle, typically set at 90 degrees. Sometimes you will see 30° and 45°. 30° and 45° test certifications are sometimes required when installing products in environment with a shallow angle of attack - for example a bridge deck or fences. 

Impact Penetration 

This measurement indicates the distance (in metres) that the load-carrying part of the test vehicle travelled beyond VSB datum line. Unlike PAS 68, the datum line is set to the point of impact (collision) for IWA 14-1 
IWA 14-1 Impact Penetration
At Cova, We offer a range of HVM products rated to PAS 68 and IWA 14-1, please get in contact to discuss how we can assist with your HVM needs. 

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