Who We Are 

Cova Security Gates is an engineering company that specialises in the design, manufacture, and installation of security gates, barriers and bollards across the world. Founded in 1987 by two engineers, driven by their belief that they could offer a better solution to protect people and places. 
We have a strong ethos of constant research and development, with the aim of being one step ahead and giving our clients an ever-improving range of high-quality perimeter security products, ready to meet their changing needs. 
We support projects with extremely high quality detailed site specific 3D CAD drawings, which cover all elements of the installation. We work closely with consultants, specifiers, building contractors and end users alike, from initial specification through to commissioning, providing long term stability and effective protection. 

Our Mission 

To protect people and places.  
To enable our customers to safely protect their people and property from terrorist or criminal attack by providing thoughtful and well designed products properly installed and maintained, to ensure they do not fail at a critical time. 

Our Values 

Professional - Knowledgeable trained people, experts in their chosen field, continuous development of our staff. 
Innovative - Encourage and nurture creativity throughout the business, to develop engineered products and services. 
Creative - Delivering bespoke solutions. 
Excellence - Focused attention to detail. 
Relevance - Thinking of tomorrow’s threats today. 

Our Objectives 

Identify and understand customer needs to meet and exceed their expectations with the appropriate measures necessary for success
Access identified markets through effective sales channels. 
Attract, retain and motivate high quality staff. 
Focus on continual improvement. 
Develop flexible and integrated products to handle future growth. 

Our History 


Humble Beginnings 

Formed in Horley, Surrey by two engineers (Mike Volpin & Gerry Cowan) who spent much of the 1980s travelling around the world, installing perimeter security equipment. 


Range Introduced 

In 2002 the range of CSG 10601/2/3 Tracked Bi-Folding Speed Gates was introduced. 


First Trackless Bi-Folding Gate 

In 2003 Cova Security Gates was the first manufacturer in the world to bring Trackless Bi-folding Speed Gates to the market – the CSG 10604 and CSG 10605.  
In this same year, a vehicle borne explosive attack on the British Consulate General in Istanbul was prevented by a non PAS 68 crash tested road blocker, preventing detonation at its target, the main Consulate building. 


Road Blockers Gain Formal Rating 

2005 saw the CSG 10503 Full Depth Road Blocker gain a formal crash test rating. The CSG 10506 Crash Tested Shallow Mount Road Blocker was not far behind in the same year. 


Crash Tested Static Bollards Introduced 

CSG 10840 and CSG 10850 Crash Tested Shallow Depth Bollards join the portfolio of PAS 68 crash tested products. 


The World's First Crash Tested Bi-Folding Speed Gates 

2010 was a milestone year in which the world’s first Crash Tested Bi-Folding Speed Gates were developed, the CSG 10640 (40mph) and the CSG 10650 (50mph)


Crash Tested Cantilevered  Sliding Gate Developed 

In 2011, the standard sliding cantilevered gate was redeveloped using Cova’s patented arrestor technology, to deliver the PAS 68 rated CSG 10140 Crash Tested Sliding Cantilevered Gate, a sliding gate alternative to the crash tested bi-folding gate. 


New Manual  Swing Barrier Developed 

A totally new PAS 68 compliant barrier, the economical CSG 10900 Series Crash Tested Miti-Gate®, was developed and tested in 2012, again using Cova’s patented arrestor technology. 


Rising Bollard  Developed 

2013 saw our first crash tested hydraulically operated bollard successfully PAS 68 tested, the CSG 11840 Crash Tested Full Depth Rising Bollard. 


'Surface Fixed' Crash Rated Gate Launched 

International Security Expo, London was the ideal platform to launch the new CSG 10630 Surface Fixed Crash Rated Bi-folding gate. The design assessment solution will be engineered bespoke to site conditions to withstand vehicle impact at 30mph. 


Miti-Gate® R Developed 

CSG 10940 Redesigned and Redeveloped for 2021 to take account of emerging vehicle threats. 


Further Developments to Bi-Folding Gate Range 

Our CSG 10605 & CSG 10650 gained B3 and C3 LPS 1175 certification. Our CSG 10640 was retested at 6 metres wide. 


Further Research & Development 

Following successful testing and certification, our CSG 10640 & CSG 10700 joined our lineup of LPS 1175 products. 
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'Very happy with Cova' 
Denis - Skanska JV 
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Gordon - Liberty Stadium, Swansea 
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'A simple solution - highly recommended' 
David - Gatwick Airport 
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'Exceptional work carried out' 
Nick - High Commission, Islamabad 
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