Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gate – CSG 10604

The CSG 10604 bi-folding trackless Speed Gate represents the fourth generation of a folding security gate product developed by Cova Security Gates and provides the most versatile speed gate to date.  With no requirement for a ‘top box’ or ground track, this trackless bi-folding speed gate truly offers a low cost but highly effective solution to vehicular access control.

The CSG 10604 trackless bi-folding speed gate consists of a post onto which a bi-folding leaf is attached. Unlike other bi-folding gate systems, this does not require a track either in the ground or overhead to fold the leaf but uses a folding system housed inside a casing on top of the post hung leaf.

Operating speed from 6 seconds, rated for continuous operation – 100% duty cycle.

The CSG 10604 Trackless Bi Folding Speed Gate is a serious consideration versus conventional hinged or sliding gates, in terms of cost, operational security, efficiency and reliability.

Bi-folding security gates

The structure of this automated gate can be made to match existing fence height, negating the need for planning permission.

The CSG 10604 Trackless bi-folding trackless speed gate is easily installed with minimal disruption to the entrance and the cost of concrete foundations is considerably reduced due to no ground track being required.

The post hung section of the bifold leaf is driven by a unique innovation consisting of a torque motor driving a crank arm through 270 degrees giving a good mechanical advantage.

The 270-degree drive mechanism together with an electromagnetic brake locks the gate in both open and closed positions. The folding mechanism transfers rotation from the post hung leaf to the leaf hung leaf at a ratio of 2:1.

The sinusoidal action of the drive allows the gate to operate in both a smooth yet fast action closing in 6 seconds (or 8 seconds in particular windy locations where a more powerful drive is used).

The gate leaf sections are fully welded assemblies. The leaf frames are constructed of RHS steel section stiles and top rail with a wide folded steel bottom rail section. The leaves are in-filled with closely spaced vertical bars and/or other infill materials to suit and the gate structure is manufactured from proprietary steel.

Typically a system consists of a single unit of one post supporting one bi-folding leaf spanning up to 5 meters. The leading edge is received into a post on the other side of the roadway.

If you have a speed gate or a trackless gate that needs repairing our 24hr service team are ready and waiting. We also service and upgrade speed gates and trackless gates.

We are confident and experienced when working on high profile sites where pedestrian and vehicle control is of paramount concern. Including schools, airports, dockyards, data security centres etc..

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