Crash Tested Full Depth Road Blocker – CSG 10503

A PAS 68: 2010 compliant crash tested road blocker, designed to withstand a hostile vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and stop the vehicle dead in its tracks.

The 10503 requires a relatively deep, 1000mm foundation to accommodate the height of the base frame, so in many cases, there will be a need to provide additionally underground services.  The full depth road blocker is suitable for both UK and international countries and can be integrated with all forms of access control.

Road blockers are generally installed to monitor access control, eg. entrances/exits at car parks, roads or in front of or behind gates or for high level security purposes. The base frames are of heavy duty RHS sections designed to withstand axle weights of 15 tonne.

THe CSG 10503 is available in a number of widths from 2mto 4m.

Additional protection can be provided using photo beam systems tailored to the particular application. It is recommended that the blocker is installed with vehicle detection loop systems.

The 10503 has been successfully tested at Mira with a 7.5 ton vehicle at 50mph and can be found on the CPNI (Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure) register. PAS 68: 2010 Classification Retractable Blocker V/7500(N2)/80/90:0/25. Blocker tested at 3m wide x 625mm high.

Ideal for international protection for government buildings, foreign office, embassies, ministry of defence, nuclear, national grid and data protection sites.

It should be noted that for the UK the shallow depth road blocker, provides the same degree of protection as a full depth road blocker.

Crash Tested Road Blocker

This product is ideal for applications whereby there is plenty of depth to excavate and the subsurface is free from the path of any buried utilities.

This is the only road blocker in the world that has been attacked by an actual suicide bomber and it prevented the 4 ton detonation taking place at the intended target, thereby saving hundreds of lives.

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CRASH TESTED FULL DEPTH ROAD BLOCKER – CSG 10503 are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards and installed by our team of fully qualified engineers, whether installed in the UK or internationally.

Cova products are covered with a Cova Care minimum 12-month warranty.

We also offer a range of bespoke Cova Care plans for powered perimeter security products that are out of warranty or that have not been manufactured or installed by Cova Security Gates, subject to a site survey.

Our Cova Care plans are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs and can be extended beyond the initial 12 months Cova care warranty.

Options include gold, silver or bronze care plans, which include 4 to 12-hour rapid responses, emergency 24 hours 7 day a week, 365 days a year call out service, right through to standard type maintenance agreements and service contracts.

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