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Maintaining Security Gates 

Physical perimeter security equipment such as, security gates, road blockers, bollards and boom barriers (termed as Assets) are a crucial component of any secure perimeter. Whether high security, commercial, or residential properties, the purpose of a security gate is to protect people and places from potential security threats, whether it is burglars or more detrimental criminal attacks, such as a vehicle borne attack (HVM). Maintaining a security gate is essential to ensure its effectiveness in fulfilling its intended purpose. 
A security gate is the first line of defence against intruders and unauthorised visitors. A well maintained security gate reduces the risk of a physical or cyber security breach of the perimeter. Poorly maintained equipment may be easier to bypass or breach, enabling unwanted access to a property or site. Malfunctioning perimeter security equipment may also compromise the safety of the stake holders by providing a false sense of security, leading to complacency and increased vulnerability to security threats. 
Maintaining a security gate also helps to reduce wear and tear, as well as any unexpected breakdowns which can lead to costly repairs or replacements of components and equipment. A security gate is a significant investment, and with appropriate maintenance ensures its longevity and optimum performance. Regular maintenance can identify potential issues early on, minimising the need for expensive repairs or replacements. Neglecting maintenance can lead to more significant problems that may require extensive repairs, resulting in increased costs and downtime. 
Another essential aspect of maintaining a security gate is to ensure that it complies with industry standards and regulations. Security gates are machinery that must meet specific standards to be effective in the safety of its users, deterring intruders and preventing security breaches. Regular maintenance can ensure that the gate operates within the required specifications and is up to date with the latest industry trends and standards. Maintaining compliance can also help to avoid accidents which could further lead to prosecution and fines for non-compliance and could affect insurance claims. 
Security gate maintenance can also improve its aesthetics and enhance the overall appearance of the property. A well-maintained gate can be an attractive feature that adds value to the property. 
Maintaining a security gate can improve the occupants' peace of mind for their personal safety, and enabling them to enjoy with confidence their secure surroundings. This can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with security breaches and unauthorised access, leading to an improved quality of life. 
In conclusion, like motor vehicle care, maintaining a security gate is essential to ensure its effectiveness in preventing security breaches, reducing costs, complying with industry standards, improving aesthetics, and enhancing the occupants' quality of life. 
Neglecting maintenance of your asset, an invaluable safety machinery, can lead to security vulnerabilities, costly repairs, non-compliance, reduced property value, and increased stress and anxiety of users. 
Therefore, it is crucial to prioritise maintenance and ensure that assets are in optimal condition at all times. 
Jon Trott
Eamonn Geoghegan Service Sales Manager 
At Cova, we offer a range of support services from repair and maintenance to remote monitoring. If you wish to discuss a tailored maintenance solution, please get in touch with Eamonn at [email protected] or via our website contact form. 
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