Static Bollard Series - CSG 10800

Static Bollard Series – CSG 10800

Cova Security Gates 10800 Series Bollards Crash Tested

CSG has a complete range of crash tested and approved medium and shallow depth static bollards, which can be tailored to meet individual perimeter protection requirements. Our Crash Rated Static Bollards are ideal for locations that require cost effective, permanent and fixed protection against vehicle penetration, offering an unobtrusive and inoffensive solution.

Finishes include; stainless steel, galvanised, painted, or PU.  The bollard sleeve can be moulded to suit any design requirement and environment.

Ideal for a permanent fixing where you would need to protect entrances and perimeters for retail sites, train stations, stadiums, financial service industries, commercial property and education sites such as universities, colleges and schools.


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