Rotterdam Central Rail Station Protected By Cova Security Gates

Featured in the Dutch Press last week, were Cova’s CSG 10850 crash rated bollards being filmed during installation at Rotterdam Central Rail Station in which they proivde a ‘ring of steel‘ around the iconic and famous building.

This large project was secured earlier this year by Cova’s Netherlands partner, and the full installation is due for completion early 2018.

The full online version of the video can be seen here (if prompted translation will be needed)

“The train station is on a list of the government buildings that need extra protection”, stated Frank Stevens, Project Leader from Public Safety Solutions from Pijnacker.


“The work has been on the implementation list, ” stated a municipal spokesman from the Safety Department, “they are indeed anti-terror measures” it was confirmed.”They hold more than an ordinary post” which in industry terms mean they look similar to standard bollards, but are crash rated with a very shallow depth foundation.

Project manager Frank Stevens also stated “The poles (bollard) are a lot bigger and thicker than the poles that are already in the front and behind around the train station, where the ornamental stones stop. They are underground on a horizontal grid, making them difficult to drive far (in to).”

In other areas of the city alternative anti-terror measures have been taken following the attacks in Barcelona and Nice with trucks.

Static bollards provide an ideal solution to prevent a vehicle attack, whilst protecting pedestrians and property with minimal impact on the environment, so are an ideal solution for town centres and historic areas.

Published: 05/12/2017

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