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Cova Security Gates Existing System Upgrades

Today’s ever evolving technology can sometimes leave us all behind, confused and unaware of realising the full potential of our capital investment. The perimeter security industry is not immune from technological advances.  Cova can provide guidance on what is available and how it can enhance existing perimeter security.

Some of the upgrades are listed below, which can seriously enhance the safe operation, optimise the security element or just improve flexibility and user operation:

Human Machine Interface (HMI) – Touch screen remote push button console.

– Replaces conventional physical push button consoles, multi page format, ideal for multi equipment sites whereby dedicated pages can be allocated to each gate, blocker, turnstile etc.

– Can be flush fitted into desk to minimise clutter in busy security rooms.

  • Modem based remote diagnostics – a modem can now be interfaced with the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and the electrical mains control panel, enabling offsite interrogation of the PLC, which in turn provides the ability to diagnose any fault codes within the PLC back at our factory, preventing the cost of a reactive visit by one of our service engineers, not to mention immediate rectification of the fault
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) – a UPS can be interfaced with all CSG products, enabling equipment to cycle under power failure, albeit for a limited number of operations, but will ensure the site is secured, especially important for out of hours mains failure or unmanned sites
  • Hand held radio remote control interface – all systems can accept a radio receiver interface, enabling operation of the automated equipment from the comfort of your own vehicle.