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Vehicle detection loop systems

A vehicle detection loop system is provided to serve various functions, primarily safety, auto-close and, where required, ‘free exit’.

Actual configuration of vehicle detection loops is dependent upon types of traffic, function of detection loop system and actual road condition. Generally, configuration shall be either rectangular, diamond or chevron

  • Installation of vehicle detection loop system consists of slots being cut into roadway surface to our designed configuration
  • Slots shall be approximately 5mm wide to a depth of 35-50mm
  • 3 turns of 1.5 mm2 type EPR/CSP insulated BS 6195 Type 4a cable shall be inserted into slots with tails being twisted and then fed back to the equipment control cabinet where connection is made to the vehicle detection loop amplifier

All slots are back-filled using hot bitumen or cold mastic[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]