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Monitoring & Diagnostics Maintenance, repair and access control tool CSG 

Monitoring & Diagnostics Maintenance, repair and access control tool CSG 

CSG Monitoring & Diagnostics 

CSG Monitoring & Diagnostics is a powerful maintenance tool ideally suited to clients with multiple gate systems where day to day management of individual gates, security staff and access control systems can be challenging and often result in misdiagnosis and delays in fault resolution. 
CSG’s offering has been designed to specifically meet the needs of clients both home and abroad. It is designed to eradicate the uncertainty and speculation of the cause of a reported fault whether that be human error, component or system problem, electrical supply irregularities or access control. This is achieved by recording the change of state of various Programable Logic Controller (PLC) signals within the security gate control system to a secure cloud. 
CSG Monitoring & Diagnostics is particularly effective in diagnosing so called ‘intermittent faults’ as it often eradicates the need to ‘visit’ site, allows for better management and understanding of the role of security personnel and provides a significant contribution in reducing unnecessary ‘call out’ maintenance and breakdown costs. 
When a fault or issue is reported with a specific security gate system, accurate data can be extracted by CSG, maintainers and the end-client to aid in determining the cause thus removing inaccuracies of human memory from the process of system diagnosis. 
Above all, CSG Monitoring & Diagnostics protects the efficacy of the security system and the associated financial investment made by the equipment owner. 
How does it work? 
CSG’s Monitoring & Diagnostics system is made up of two crucial components: 
CSG recognise that it isn’t always logistically feasible to hardwire an internet connection for all gate system control panels. As a result, we have developed a GSM based microcontroller system to record the change of state of PLC signals. 
Borrowing from the concept of traditional GSM relays, CSG’s solution is designed to extract signals (data) as opposed to transmit. The hardware is hard wired into the control panel and then PLC data is recorded to our online cloud via cellular technology (sim card with 3G connection). 
PLC signals that are to be monitored are determined on a system-by-system basis as the operational philosophy on each system can vary. The common signals monitored are gate status open, gate status closed, and safety devices. Mains supply is automatically monitored. 
Software is formed of a web-based cloud to configure, monitor, and extract data to an excel spreadsheet for analysis. Data is collected infinitely 24 hours a day, 365 days per a year. 
Within the cloud, during setup, the following information is configured to make data extraction and navigation user friendly for CSG technical support team as well as other users such as the client maintenance staff (if required): 
• Gate Name 
• Site Name 
• Site Address – where it will show the site on a map within the cloud 
• Status signals labels (PLC signal data recorded) 
In addition to monitoring PLC signals, the software is equipped with an inbuilt gate operation counter that counts gate operation cycles. The counter utilises data extracted from the gate position signals to determine the number of cycles. 

Why the CSG Monitoring & Diagnostics System? 

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Ideal for schools, airports, dockyards, data security centres etc.. 
CSG 10604 security gate benefits tick icon
Manufactured to any entrance size 
CSG 10604 security gate benefits tick icon
Mechanical locking with manual or automatic controls 
CSG 10604 security gate benefits tick icon
Operates at low & high weather extremes. 
CSG 10604 security gate benefits tick icon
Hand built in the UK 
CSG 10604 security gate benefits tick icon
Warranty, service and maintenance available. 
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CSG10604 Trackless gates Trackless security gate Manufacturing of bi-folding gates
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Drive: Electromechanical or hydraulic driving through a 270 degree system (European Patent No 1595050). 
Hinges: 25mm dia stainless steel pins, DU self lubricating plain bearings and ball thrust bearings with stainless steel covers. 
Leaf Folding: Duplex chain system configured to a 2:1 ratio mounted on the post hung leaf (Patent No 1595050). 
Gate structure is manufactured from proprietary mild steel. 
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Controls are Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based and therefore are very flexible and can be configured to suit customer’s requirements. 
Optional features can include conventional push button station. 
Single or multiple control positionsand all forms of access control can be utilised 
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Polyester powder coated to a specific RAL No. 
Galvanised or galvanised and polyester powder coated to a specific RAL No. 
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Features and Benefits 

Two drive options available, dependent on site and size requirements. 
Two installation options: surface fix, for existing surfaces usually within a building or where it is difficult to provide submerged foundations. Or subfix where it is possible to cast new foundations. 
The bi-folding method of gate operation requires considerably less power to operate than conventional swing gates and also has less wind effect. This combined with the 270 degree drive results in a relatively lower powered and thus safer drive. 
Leading edges of the leaves are fitted with electrical rubber safe edges, which if in contact with an obstruction will stop the operation of the gate. 
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'Very happy with Cova' 
Denis - Skanska JV 
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'Cova's solution was the obvious choice' 
Gordon - Liberty Stadium, Swansea 
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'A simple solution - highly recommended' 
David - Gatwick Airport 
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'Exceptional work carried out' 
Nick - High Commission, Islamabad 
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