Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gate – CSG 10605

Cova Security Gates 10605 Trackless Speed Gate (Patent Applied)

The 10605 Trackless Speed Gate is the fifth generation of bi-folding gate, designed and manufactured by Cova Security Gates Ltd.

The CSG 10605 Trackless bi-folding speed gate consists of a post onto which a bi-folding leaf is attached. Unlike other bi-folding gate systems, this does not require a track either in the ground or overhead to fold the leaf but uses a unique folding system.

This speed gate has an operating speed from 6 seconds, rated for continuous operation – 100% duty cycle.

Unlike our model CSG 10604 Bi-folding Speed Gate trackless speed gate which had the folding mechanism located on the top of the gate leaf, the CSG 10605 has its folding mechanism located at a lower level which leaves the top of the gate free for spikes, barbed wire, decorative ironmongery or other features as required.

Bi-folding Speed Gate CSG 10605

The post hung section of the bi-fold leaf is driven by a unique innovation, consisting of a motor drive unit connected to a crank arm assembly which locks the gate in both open and closed positions. The gate leaf sections are fully welded assemblies. The leaf frames are constructed of RHS steel section stiles and top rail with a wide folded steel bottom rail section. The leaves are in-filled with closely spaced vertical bars and/or other infill materials to suit and the gate structure is manufactured from proprietary steel.

This bi-folding speed gate for all intents and purposes is almost the same as its predecessor, the CSG 10604 Trackless Speed Gate, but instead of the continual chain bi-folding mechanism mounted on the top of the Speed Gate, the 10605 has a rack and pinion bi-folding mechanism on the bottom of the gate which has distinct advantages in certain applications.

The 10605 bi-folding speed gate has a completely level top rail enabling:

  • No gaps above the speed gate when installing into an existing structural aperture
  • Decorative toppings to be used, ie, finials, spikes etc to create a more period look to this automated gate when installing to older style buildings
  • Security toppings can be easily added, ie, barbed wire, razor wire, power fence etc for high security sites

If you have a speed gate or a trackless gate that needs repairing our 24hr service team are ready and waiting. We also service and upgrade speed gates and trackless gates.

We are confident and experienced when working on high profile sites where pedestrian and vehicle control is of paramount concern. Including schools, airports, dockyards, data security centres etc,

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The BI-FOLDING TRACKLESS SPEED GATE – CSG 10605 is designed and manufactured to the very highest standards and installed by our team of fully qualified engineers, whether installed in the UK or internationally.

Cova products are covered with a Cova Care minimum 12-month warranty.

We also offer a range of bespoke Cova Care plans for powered perimeter security products that are out of warranty or that have not been manufactured or installed by Cova Security Gates, subject to a site survey.

Our Cova Care plans are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs and can be extended beyond the initial 12 months Cova care warranty.

Options include gold, silver or bronze care plans, which include 4 to 12-hour rapid responses, emergency 24 hours 7 day a week, 365 days a year call out service, right through to standard type maintenance agreements and service contracts.

Terms and conditions will apply to each bespoke Cova Care plan and our Cova Care Service Team would be pleased to advise you on (+44) 01293 553888

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