Designed and manufactured by CSG in the UK, model 10601 is the first generation bi folding automated speed gate product but nonetheless remains the perfect solution where height and span of opening are critical factors.

The CSG10601 Bi-Folding Speed Gate consists of two posts, onto each post a bi-folding leaf is attached by hinges. The posts are connected by an overhead operator box which is cleated to and supported by an adjacent external structure, generally integral to a building. The bi-folding leaf utilises and overhead guide track within the underside of the operator box assembly, there is no requirement for ground guides or track.

The post hung section of the bi-folding leaf is driven by a 3-phase/50Hz drive motor, output speed 33rpm driving through 18:95 ratio spur drive gear, locking in both the open and closed positions, leaf movement can be accommodated to open either inwards or outwards. Gate leaf sections are fully welded assemblies, constructed of RHS steel section, vertical infill bars at 100mm spacing as standard although additional/alternative materials can be accommodated to suit.

Typically a gate will consist of a pair of bi folding leaves, capable of spans up to 15000mm W x 5000mm H clear aperture, single bi-folding leaf gates can be produced if required. Gate leaves can be operated by a single drive unit simultaneously, or individual drives for larger spans or where individual leaf control is required. Drive/s are located within the operator box and are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) located within the associated control cabinet. All gate systems come complete with a safety photocell system between the gate posts.

Click on our time-lapse video (right) to see our team build and Factory Test one of our biggest Speed Gates to date!

  • Model 10601 bi fold gate is ideally suited for special appearances and bespoke design and is frequently used by architects when specifying timber, glass and sheet steel requirements.
  • Opening / closing speed 4 seconds – fully programmable for slower speeds
  • Electro-mechanical continuously rated overhead drive and guide track system
  • Can be surface fixed or sub surface
  • Continuously rated high duty
  • Incorporates a wide range of safety features including photocells, positive contact rubber edges light curtains and other devices to suit operating requirements
  • Infill can be custom designed to suit any architectural brief
  • Standard finish – powder coated in a RAL colour to suit
  • Programmable Logic Controller with any type of operating controls to suit
  • Can provide effective width of 10 metres and 5 metres height
  • Bi-folding gate leaves can be individually controlled providing entry exit lane control.

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The BI-FOLDING TRACKED SPEED GATE – CSG 10601 is designed and manufactured to the very highest standards and installed by our team of fully qualified engineers, whether installed in the UK or internationally.

Cova products are covered with a Cova Care minimum 12-month warranty.

We also offer a range of bespoke Cova Care plans for powered perimeter security products that are out of warranty or that have not been manufactured or installed by Cova Security Gates, subject to a site survey.

Our Cova Care plans are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs and can be extended beyond the initial 12 months Cova care warranty.

Options include gold, silver or bronze care plans, which include 4 to 12-hour rapid responses, emergency 24 hours 7 day a week, 365 days a year call out service, right through to standard type maintenance agreements and service contracts.

Terms and conditions will apply to each bespoke Cova Care plan and our Cova Care Service Team would be pleased to advise you on (+44) 01293 553888

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