Full Height Pedestrian Turnstiles

The CSG range of full height turnstiles has been designed to provide a secure means of controlling authorised high levels of pedestrian movement in and out of restricted areas for staff, visitors or contractors.

Whilst usually installed in an outdoor environment such as universities, airports, sports centres and sports stadiums we can also design and manufacture internal turnstiles.

The full height turnstile can accommodate the movement of 15 to 20 people per minute and can be finished to blend in with existing perimeter security.  In addition, they can be integrated with access control software such as push button, keypad or card reader. Many of our clients choose to incorporate a full height pedestrian turnstile adjacent to vehicle sliding or bi-fold security gates.

A full height turnstile is an excellent deterrent to protect the property from unauthorised individuals.

Full height turnstiles.

The CSG full height turnstiles consist of a cylindrical cage and a revolving central column. Control arm configurations available:


  • Three arm single or double – 4 x 90° offset arms (an optional vandal-proof cage can be added to the four arm single unit)
  • With all configurations, the Aflink logic controller and drive mechanism is located on top of the central column
  • “Single” turnstiles allow the passage of one pedestrian at a time, in any direction
  • “Double” turnstile units cater for the simultaneous movement of two people, effectively doubling access/egress throughout

Customised sizes and finishes available on request.

If you have a full height turnstile that needs repairing our 24hr service team are ready and waiting. We also repair the locking mechanisms and access control systems found on these kinds of pedestrian turnstiles.

We are confident and experienced when working on high profile sites where pedestrian and vehicle control is of paramount concern. Including schools, airports, dockyards, data security centres etc..

Full Height Turnstile Photographs:

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