High Security Pedestrian Gates – CSG 10700

Cova Security Gates 10700 Series Pedestrian Gates – Sliding, Hinged and Hinged Automated.

High security pedestrian gates designed for controlled personnel access and egress to police stations, defence establishments, industrial sites and other high security applications

High Security Pedestrian Gates.

We highly recommend that a CSG 10700 Pedestrian Gate is installed adjacent to any CSG automated vehicular gate to provide a safe access and egress route for pedestrian traffic to and from site, thus discouraging pedestrians from using the vehicular gate.

All Cova Security pedestrian gates can be designed to match the infill, construction and finished colour of the vehicular gates.

  • Manufactured to BS from fully welded steel section with a wide range of infill options including bar, weldmesh, plate, sheet and timber.  Utilising a range of security locking systems including mag lock, electric release, electric lock etc.  Fail safe or secure
  • Controlled via access control, remote push button, video entry etc.  Remote free exit button or latching lock release / handle.
  • Heavy duty overhead hydraulically damped overhead closer.
  • The complete range is fully DDA compliant and options are available to automate with a proprietary electro hydraulic actuator, allowing complete hands free operation.
  • For extremely busy pedestrian control points a torque motor drive (as used on our speed gates) can be specified, providing the gate with a 100% duty cycle – continuous operation – ideal for sites with heavy pedestrian throughput at shift change periods or peak morning and evening pedestrian traffic.

If you have a high-security pedestrian gate that needs repairing our 24hr service team are ready and waiting. We also repair the locking mechanisms and access control systems found on these kinds of gates.

We are confident and experienced when working on high profile sites where pedestrian and vehicle control is of paramount concern. Including schools, airports, dockyards, data security centres etc..

High Security Pedestrian Gate Photographs: