Anti-Vandal Manual Gate – CSG 10405

The CSG 10405 Anti-Vandal Manual Gate has been specifically designed and developed as a secure access barrier where there is demand to prevent unauthorised access to parks, recreational areas, private land and roadways. Standard commercially available steel gates are susceptible to vandalism and damage and are rarely capable of withstanding a determined attack. This is particularly so today with the availability of battery operated cutting tools and other portable equipment. The CSG 10405 gate has been installed in a number of motorway locations where conventional gates have been routinely breached by the cutting away of steel sections, locking devices and other vulnerable elements resulting in numerous incidents including theft, trespass and frequently allowing livestock access to the carriageway.

  • Gate can be supplied any width to suit.
  • Hinges are anti-lift and cannot be tampered with.
  • All steel sections are heavy duty with all corners being internally reinforced to dissuade cutting.
  • Posts are embedded in concrete and inserted deep into the ground with anti ‘pull out’ feature.
  • Lock housing – designed to minimise unauthorised access and prevent cutting. Can be a bespoke solution to suit specific locking device.
  • Padlock can be tethered within lock housing thus preventing lock from being accidentally removed – lock tether is retracted within post when padlock secured.
  • Gate can be made ‘self closing’ if this is an important requirement.
  • External latch easy to access and use.
  • A hold open post can be provided and if required gate can be locked open
  • Gate is easily installed by fencing contractors, builders etc.
  • Gate can be delivered to site and craned into position; pre-assembled and tested.

This gate can be hot dipped galvanised and if required, painted to a specific RAL number.

The CSG 10405 is easily secured using a Chubb C range padlock or similar. Cova Security Gates can provide a bespoke lock solution, if required including fireman access.  

Anti-Vandal Gate Photographs:

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