Vehicle and Pedestrian Control

Vehicle & Pedestrian Controlled Gates

Cova Security Gates manufacture high quality perimeter security gates for both vehicle and pedestrian control and protection. We provide our clients a high quality bespoke range of security products, regardless of what industry, circumstances or restrictions. Cova have been pioneering, innovative security solutions to suit your exact needs for vehicle and pedestrian access to provide, protection, safety and control for more than 30 years.

Our dedicated, professional team of in-house CAD designers will ensure that every detail is taken into consideration. Safety is paramount and our designers will ensure the client/site requirement is fully understood before designing an appropriate solution for your specific needs, be it vehicles or pedestrians.

Unique to Cova, once manufactured we then build every speed gate, barrier and bollard in our UK factory to test its functionality prior to being dispatched to site for installation.  This provides 100% assurance that every product meets our high-quality control standards and our recently awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Pedestrian Security

High security pedestrian gates and full height turnstiles are designed and manufactured to suit all industries and needs either for internal or external use.

Pedestrian security is ideal for controlling access in environments such as police stations, public buildings, defence establishments and even less threatening industries such as reception areas, health clubs, theme parks and stadiums. They may be operated by a simple non-electrical ‘push’ access right through to a more complex swipe and proximity card readers, keypads or intercom systems. We can provide the optimum flexibility to suit your pedestrian access needs.

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