Manual ‘Crash Tested’ Barrier – CSG 10900 Miti-Gate®

The Miti-Gate® is designed as an alternative, economical PAS 68: 2010 crash rated manual barrier for locations that have infrequent vehicular throughput, however still require protection from vehicle borne threat, ie, emergency vehicle access.

The Miti-Gate® is ideal for high streets and town centres that need pedestrian protection or retail car parks, hotels, commercial warehouses, factories, schools and colleges as well as for locations in the transport and emergency service industries.

This product requires minimal civil work due to hinge and receptor posts only requiring 215mm foundation depth.

With clear width availability of up to 10 meters utilizing a double leaf format, the Miti-Gate® is by far the most cost effective, simple, crash tested PAS 68 compliant solution currently available.

This range will continue to evolve as further applications require an innovative, low visual impact, competitively priced crash tested barrier.  The Miti-Gate® lends itself to any site location where a vehicle borne threat exists, infrequent vehicular access is required and pedestrian permeability is to be maintained.

This product is a versatile manual barrier that can be hinged, bi-parting or for flexibility can be completely removed.

The Miti-Gate® can be finished in your choice of RAL.No or as we have done for many clients, the large plain areas on both faces of the barrier lend themselves to be branded Corporately, or can be finished to blend with the installed environment.

Click on the ‘Downloads’ Tab to view our PSSA (Perimeter Security Suppliers Association) – Product Verification Certificate for this product.

The Miti-Gate® comprises our patented arrestor system within an aluminium enclosure. The barrier can be hinged or completely removable. Miti-Gate® is designed to be mounted between Cova’s standard range of crash tested bollards, adapted with a hinge and locking pins.

Miti-Gate® 10930

Tested to PAS 68:2010 7.5 tonne @ 30mph/48kmh

Single Leaf – Nominal opening up to 7m **

Double Leaf – Nominal opening up to 10m *

Miti-Gate® 10940

Tested to PAS 68:2010 7.5 tonne @ 40mph/64kmh

Single Leaf – Nominal opening up to 7.5m **

Test Results:

* TRL046: V/7500[N2]/48/90:2.5/0.0 (2-leaf) tested at 10.8m

** TRL 047: V/7500[N2]/64/90:3.0/0.0, tested at 8.8m

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MANUAL CRASH TESTED BARRIER – CSG 10900 MITI-GATE® are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards and installed by our team of fully qualified engineers, whether installed in the UK or internationally.

Cova products are covered with a Cova Care minimum 12-month warranty.

We also offer a range of bespoke Cova Care plans for powered perimeter security products that are out of warranty or that have not been manufactured or installed by Cova Security Gates, subject to a site survey.

Our Cova Care plans are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs and can be extended beyond the initial 12 months Cova care warranty.

Options include gold, silver or bronze care plans, which include 4 to 12-hour rapid responses, emergency 24 hours 7 day a week, 365 days a year call out service, right through to standard type maintenance agreements and service contracts.

Terms and conditions will apply to each bespoke Cova Care plan and our Cova Care Service Team would be pleased to advise you on (+44) 01293 553888

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