Crash Tested Shallow Depth Road Blocker – CSG 10506

The CSG 10506 Shallow Mount Road Blocker, having been crash tested in 2005, is now protecting not only national critical infrastructure, but global critical infrastructure, including HSBC Istanbul, as a direct result of their terrorist attack in 2003.

This conventional one piece full depth skirt affords substantial pedestrian safety.

Many clients find themselves having to provide pedestrian protection by positioning these blockers behind gates and full height barriers etc.  Additional protection can be provided using photo beam systems tailored to the particular application. It is recommended that the blocker is installed with vehicle detection loop systems.

Available in a number of widths from 2000mm to 4000mm.

The CSG 10506 has been installed at key locations in London, to include St Pancras and London Bridge Stations, key BBC TV buildings across the UK, plus London’s Heathrow Airport to name a few.

Click on the ‘Downloads’ Tab to view our PSSA (Perimeter Security Suppliers Association) – Product Verification Certificate.

Specifiers and end users alike are choosing the PAS 68: 2010 crash tested CSG 10506 due to its shallow depth of 215mm, enabling minimal on site excavation, fast arming times and the fact the product is 100% duty rated.  This makes it ideal for the busiest traffic throughput sites but still maintains the very highest levels of security against vehicle borne attack.

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