Photo Credit: Derek Evans - USA
Last autumn we launched the WORLDS FIRST Vehicle Security Barrier (VSB) to mitigate against 4 types of current terrorist and criminal vehicle threats. 
The Miti-Gate®R is our latest manual swing barrier to be Redesigned and Redeveloped to PROTECT PEOPLE AND PLACES and meets all the very latest UK test standards.  
The Miti-Gate®R is our latest manual swing barrier to be Redesigned and Redeveloped to PROTECT PEOPLE AND PLACES and meets all the very latest UK test standards including; 
1) Small Vehicle - Class M1B 
CPNI - Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADS) 10-2019 
2) Small Vehicle - Class M1B 
3) Medium Vehicle 4x4 - Class N1G 
PAS 68:2010 
4) Large Vehicle Class N2 
7.5 tonne 40mph/64kph 
* Design assessment rating - derived from the original Miti-Gate® PAS68 Test 
* D/7500[N2]/64/90:3.0/0.0 
The Miti-Gate®R is purposely designed for locations that have no access to electrical power, almost no maintenance, yet require complete Hostile Vehicle protection (HVM) from all types of vehicle-borne threats. 
Ideal for high streets, town centres, airports, and sports stadiums that need complete pedestrian protection and at the same time can withstand vehicle attacks, regardless of class vehicle size. 
With the recent opening up of public places and increasing crowded spaces, and outdoor dining on roads and pavements now the summer is on it's way; the Miti-Gate®R makes the perfect solution for securing areas or closing of roads, when there is a requirement to protect mass gatherings of people. 
With a clear width availability of up to 8 meters utilising a single leaf, sited between HVM crash tested statoc bollards, this is the most cost-effective, simple, crash-rated manual barrier in the world offering maximum protection. 
With a shallow depth foundation of only 215mm this Vehicle Security Barrier (VSB) requires minimal civil work and offers the opportunity for custom printed messaging or advertising on both sides of the 8m wide barrier. 
The 8m wide leaf can be swung open and secured in position, to allow vehicle or emergency access. 
The main manual barrier can be used as a semi-permanent solution, easily removed leaving the two crash tested HVM static bollards either side. 

Watch our latest video (released April 2022) where our manual HVM barrier has been designed to PROTECT PEOPLE & PLACES from small, medium or large vehicle attack, meeting all the latest UK test standards.  

Jon Trott 
Managing Director: “With the ‘Protect Duty Act’ imminent, focus is rightly trained on companies such as ours who deliver real-world solutions to help protect venerable locations from a terror attack. 
While gaining ground in the ‘Publicly Accessible Locations' (PALs) market, with new products such as our Miti-Gate®R, we also look to consolidate our core business of designing, manufacturing, and maintaining high-quality perimeter security products for many of the world’s most important buildings and critical infrastructure.” 
Photo Credit: Derek Evans - USA

The Miti-Gate®R manual swing HVM barrier is ideal for protecting pedestrianised high streets, where there are street markets or outdoor dining or seating on pavements and roads. 

Nathan Jones 
Sales Director: “The Protect Duty Act (Martyn’s Law) has recently been published and is expected to be written into UK law later this year. We recognise the importance and opportunity to offer a manual vehicle security barrier to protect publicly accessible places (PALs). 
The redesign and development of the manual barrier also offer a retrofit option where the original barriers have been installed. The leaf is simply removed and replaced with the latest Miti-Gate®R model. The bollards either side of the barrier remain intact, so no further civil work is required. This provides the opportunity for past clients to upgrade their perimeter protection security swiftly and easily to meet the very latest in current and we are in discussions with existing customers who are keen to upgrade the product to the very latest vehicle attack protection standards. 
Our experienced Design Team implemented the very latest finite element analyses (FEA) to calculate these critical improvements to the Miti-Gate®R barrier system." 
Available in widths of up to 8m this wide opening manual swing gate is the solution for publicly accessible places (PALs) such as parks, markets, high streets, airports, and stadiums. 
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