Crash Rated ‘Surface Fixed’
Bi-Folding Gate – CSG 10630

Cova Security Gates have worked with world leading HVM Security Specialists to design and deliver our first Engineered Solution Crash Rated ‘Surface Fixed’ 30mph (48km/h) Bi-Folding Gate – CSG l0630.

This product has been engineered to suit your specific site requirements for preventing vehicle impact at 30mph (48km/h) by a car or light van Class N1 weighing 3500kg (7700lb). This engineered solution has a penetration rating of P4.

This surface fixed crash rated bi-folding gate has been designed to overcome situations where it is impossible or impractical to excavate on existing slab such as in underground car parks, or sites where the slab depth is limited.

A standard profile base plate is ‘surface fixed’ to the road or car park using a minimal number of concrete anchors. The thickness of the base slab material for the gates  to  be fixed  in place is minimum 250mm, so eliminating  the need for foundation excavation.

With the increased threat around the world for vehicles being used as a weapon, this is the latest product on the market to provide on alternative solution for a crash rated bi-folding gate to offer high level security to underground car parks and buildings that otherwise would remain unprotected.

Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed MPH Vehicle Speed KMH Vehicle Angle  
3500kg N1 30 48 90 Energy 274kJ


Included with this product will be an ‘Engineered Solution’ report for the new CSG l0630 which would be bespoke to the client’s overall bi-folding gate requirements and will be site specific. This includes preparing and providing bespoke calculations for your hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) measures based on the height, width and grade of substrate of the bi-folding gate required. Our sales team can provide more information if you contact us via the general enquiries page below.

This product has been specifically designed and engineered based on the test results of our existing 40mph and 50mph Crash Rated Bi-Folding Gates.

Crash Rated Bi-folding Gate Videos:

The Crash Rated ‘Surface Fixed’ Bi-Folding Gate – CSG 10630 is based on the original 40mph bi-folding gate crash test below:

Crash Rated Bi-folding Gate Photographs:

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