Cova Summer BBQ & Charity Fundraiser

Cova held their annual Summer 2018 BBQ & Charity Fundraiser last Friday afternoon in our factory yard – and despite all of the amazing weather we had recently, as we fired up the BBQ – it RAINED!

It didn’t last for long and at 3pm the tables were carried back out into our yard and everyone at #TeamCova downed tools & computers and got together over a few burgers, beers and beverages to celebrate (the weather!) and a busy year at Cova. That morning had also been an early start for everyone with the factory sending off a number of large export orders destined for the Middle East so perfecting timing for a BBQ.

Friday was also National Lollipop Day (in the USA), so with all this hot weather it was a perfect excuse after the BBQ to cool off and sell ice lollies to the team and donate the proceeds to our local Company charity ‘St Catherine’s Hospice‘.

You can read about their great work here:



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