A Simple Barrier Solution for Fernden Construction at Gatwick Airport

For more than 40 years leading fencing company Fernden Construction (Winchester) have been providing a wide range of fencing solutions securing high-profile sites across the UK, including both Heathrow and Gatwick Airport.

For their latest project Fernden Construction were seeking a crash rated barrier solution to protect 3 key emergency access gates ‘airside’ around the perimeter area of Gatwick airport. They appointed Cova to design and manufacture their CSG 10940 crash rated Mitigate® manual barrier earlier this summer.

Our latest video on the how the Mitigate® is being used at at Gatwick Airport has today been released on our You Tube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5JsaCUalh0



Dave Goss, Director commented: “The 3 emergency exit gates are right on the perimeter of the airport so there was no power or electricity available. The CSG crash rated manual barrier was the perfect solution and we picked Cova as they already have other Miti-Gates® at Gatwick and came highly recommended by their security team.”

“It’s a simple solution, the barrier is secured in the closed position with a specific padlock which is applied to the hinge ‘pin’ and locking pin. Even though the barrier will almost certainly remain closed permanently, if it is needed to be opened in an emergency – or to allow vehicle access the ‘pin’ is simply removed, and the barrier pushed open manually.” added Paul Bovingdon, Project Co-ordinator.  

The Mitigate® in it’s closed position. Removal of the pin is easy. The gate is simply pushed open & secured to a telescopic post to allow vehicles through.

Tested to PAS 68 standards the barrier can withstand a 7.5 tonne vehicle attack at 30mph or 40mph perfectly fitted the brief for this project as the barrier was initially designed in 2012 to provide protection for the London Olympics from a vehicle attack.

Additionally, the Miti-Gate® only needs a 215mm foundation depth which meant there was minimal time on this project with regards to the civil works, resulting in a quicker install.


Posted: 01/10/2018

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