Our products are listed with:
The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

NBS Specified

Cova Security Gates’ products are now listed within NBS Plus, a library of product information which can be consulted and/or copied directly into building specifications.

These specifications, compiled in conjunction with NBS, will enable architects and specifiers to access perimeter security equipment information at the point they need it most, allowing them to write concise, technically accurate and up to date specifications for building projects.

Please use the links below to access Cova Security’s range of products:

CSG 10103 Sliding Cantilevered Gate

CSG 10140 Crash Tested Sliding Cantilevered Gate

CSG 10300 Series Boom Barrier

CSG 10503 Full Pit Depth Road Blocker

CSG 10506 Shallow Pit Depth Road Blocker

CSG 10604 Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gate

CSG 10605 Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gate

CSG 10640 and CSG 10650 Crash Tested Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gate

CSG 10840 and CSG 10850 Articulated Shallow Depth Static Bollard 

CSG 10900 Series Miti-Gate®

CSG 11840 Crash Test Full Depth Rising Bollard

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